CNC and Vacuform fabrication

What is CNC?

Computer Navigation Controlled machinery allows a great deal of flexibility and speed. Our 3-axis router is capable of producing custom framing, sign-work, and even three-dimensional shapes and patterns.

What is the advantage of CNC?

CNC routing allows for a great deal of precision and speed. Digital vector files can be uploaded directly into the machine’s programming to perfectly replicate the original drawings. Raster files can also be adapted into router files. In addition to precise cuts, the router can tackle very complex shapes that could take days of work through other methods.

What is Vacuum form?

Vacuum form is a process of heating a thermoplastic to a malleable state and draping it over a porous form that then uses atmospheric pressure to pull the plastic to the shape of the form.

What are the advantages of vacuum form?

A regular brick wall could be very costly and time-consuming to set up. Vacuum forming allows the same, 3-D pattern to be embedded in a plastic sheet that is only a few pounds. We have several pre-made forms, including brick, which require zero setup cost.

What kinds of things can I use vacuum form for?

Vacuum form is excellent for large, repeating patterns, and shapes and designs that would otherwise be heavy or costly to produce. This works well with the CNC router which can produce precise,┬ácomplex patterns as templates for the vacuum form. Our vacuum form machine is a very large format: 4’x10′. This allows us to produce high-quality textures for large scenic pieces with ease.